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    HP Ultrabook Pavilion TouchSmart

    15-D, 15-D000, 15-D100, 15-E, 15-E000, 15-E013TX, 15-E052SR, 15-E087SR, 15-F, 15-F000, 15-F100, 15-G, 15- G000, 15-G000 ;, 15-G003SW, 15-G100, 15-N, 15-N000, 15-N005SG, 15-N011NR, 15-N013DX, 15-N020US, 15-N023CL, 15-N024NR, 15-N025SW , 15-N034NR, 15-N037CL, 15-N040CA, 15-N040US, 15-N041CA, 15-N044NR, 15-N046US, 15-N047CL, 15-N061NR, 15-N062NR, 15-N065SW, 15-N067CA, 15 -N068NR, 15-N070SW, 15-N071NR, 15-N080CA, 15-N087NR, 15-N088CA, 15-N088NR, 15-N090NR, 15-N091NR, 15-N092NR, 15-N094NR, 15-N098NR, 15-N100 , 15-N200, 15-N207CL, 15-N210DX, 15-N216US, 15-N217NR, 15-N218NR, 15-N220US, 15-N221NR, 15-N222NR, 15-N223NR, 15-N225NR, 15-N226NR, 15 -N230CA, 15-N232NR, 15-N235NR, 15-N236NR, 15-N238NR, 15-N240US, 15-N241CA, 15-N260US, 15-N262NR, 15-N264NR, 15-N265NR, 15-N266NR, 15-N267CA , 15-N267NR, 15-N268NR, 15-N269NR, 15-N270NR, 15-N271NR, 15-N272NR, 15-N274CA, 15-N277NR, 15-N278NR, 15-N279NR, 15-N280US, 15-N281NR, 15 -N283NR, 15-N284NR, 15-N285NR, 15-N286NR, 15-N287CL, 15-N287NR, 15-N288CA, 15-N293CL, 1 5-R, 15-R000, 15-R100, 15E, 15N, 15T, 15T-E000, 15T-N100, 15T-N100CTO, 15T-N200CTO, 15Z-N100CTO, 15Z-N200CTO, 15-n204sc 15-n205sc 15- n206sc 15-n207sc

    HP 250-G2:

    HP 14:
    14-D, 14-D000,14-D100

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